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Kevin Hill Painting

A while back I got an email from a BTLC fan who had an original painting done for him for his wedding by artist Kevin Hill. It included a neat BTLC reference, so I thought I'd include it here:

Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Wingkong JS
This is almost the full painting. I put Rain at the top in his "just jumped out of a ball of green flame in the alley" pose. Unfortunately It was cut off in the photo. Next to him was Janeane Turner from Northern Exposure in a black strapless dress and next to her was the Enterprise D (Half shown in photo).
Wingkong JS
I am in the painting to the right of the girl in red in the foreground and below Kirk. That's Lightning on the Falcon chatting with Subzero, a jawa, a stormtrooper and Snake Plissken, I figured they would be having an interesting conversation as they have some stuff in common.
Wingkong JS
Yup, that's Jack Burton and Egg Shen is above Prince also, not the best likness but he hadda be in there :-)
Oh yeah and Thunder is up on the first balcony next to Khan, Vader, Terminator, Boba Fett and Lestat (the villians balcony)
Wingkong JS
Another closeup.

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