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Below are various Big Trouble in Little China-related Flash and film clips dating back to 2000!

Note that you can always visit YouTube to find other clips from the film.

Big Trouble in Little South Park (Flash Movies)

Wingkong JSEpisode 1
"Small Beginnings"
(Flash video)
Wingkong JSEpisode 2
(Flash video)
Wingkong JSEpisode 3
"A Great Idea"
(Flash video)

Video Clips

Some of these clips require the DIVX codec to work properly. Please visit www.divx.com for more info.



The complete "Indeed / Psycho-ward" exchange between Jack and Lo Pan - Now longer and with better quality! (Requires Windows Media Player) (Thanks to Andres Ramirez for the clip!)

reflexes-high.avi Observe how "It's All in the Reflexes"
charge-high.avi The Chinese Stand-off fails... John Carpenter's tribute to Kirosawa's "Ran"
swords.avi A great scene where Wang & Rain swordfight in midair... for a long time!
nerf-high.avi Jack getting the nerf-ball treatment from Rain.

The movie trailer to Big Trouble in Little China! - Hosted by the Internet Movie Database (imdb)

RealPlayer Clips

You need a RealPlayer to view these video clips, compressed to 8 FPS. Wait for the video to load and the player should launch.

Big Trouble fan Nick M's amusing mouth-moving tribute to the film (ZIPPED)
The magic duel between Egg Shen and Lo Pan - Twiddling thumbs and all!
(Now with better quality!)
Thunder gets mad, thunder expands, thunder explodes!!!
(Now with better quality!)
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