Links – Podcast devoted to discussing Big Trouble in Little China, 5 Minutes at a time! – Podcast devoted to discussing The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, 5 Minutes at a time!

80’s Movie Gateway – Big Trouble Page – One of many different pages devoted to great (and not so great) 80’s movies

Filmtracks review of the BTLC Soundtrack – In case you need written proof to buy it…  

Mike’s Big Trouble Page – Mike was my biggest competitor for many years when it came to Big Trouble in Little China audio files. His site finally succumbed in October of 2017… but here’s the archived version for old time’s sake… – James Hong (Lo Pan) Home Page – Now James Hong Films!

The Escape from New York Page – A tribute to Snake Plisskin from Andreas in Sweden – Very comprehensive!

James Lew’s Facebook Page – The Chang Sing / Associate Producer / Martial Arts Choreographer of BTLC.

Interview with John Carpenter – A new interview on Ain’t It Cool News discussing Big Trouble and other films – My Updated Portfolio Home Page

Sopwith.Org – My Sopwith Page – Endless hours of amusement, courtesy of Drew Curtis – Great casual gaming blurbs and reviews – Twelve Chimes, It’s Midnight – and old-time radio-style podcast – At midnight, anything can happen!