Miscellaneous Media

Here are some miscellaneous Big Trouble in Little China media files I’ve been collecting since the late 1990s

Old Windows Downloads

Here are some dusty old files…

bigtheme.zip – For those of you still sporting Windows 95, now you can adorn your desktop with Jack Burton’s mug or have your recycling bin emptied by Egg Shen! For use with Windows 95 Plus! Desktop Themes. I doubt this works on any modern OS, but you’re welcome to give it a try.

GracieLaw.zip – A Gracie Law model for The Sims (circa 2000)
JackBurton.zip – A Jack Burton model for The Sims (circa 2000)
lopan.zip – A David Lo Pan model for The Sims (circa 2000)


script.htm – Excerpts from W.D. Richter’s screenplay to Big Trouble in Little China

btlc2-script.txt – A TV Movie of the Week script by Charles Proser and Peter David

Here are various screenplays related to Big Trouble in Little China

The Card Game

china.txt – Big Trouble in Little China – The Card Game. Gives info on some of the characters. A neat idea! Created by Eric Jome.

Multimedia Analysis by Ethan de Seife

paper.html – A paper on BTLC and Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain

Big Trouble in Little China – The Videogame

Released in the mid-eighties, this action-fighting game lets you guide Jack Burton, Wang, and Egg Shen through the streets of Chinatown and into Lo Pan’s domain, battling the Storms along the way. Now, through the magic of of a C64 emulator (which turns your PC into a C64) you can download and play the game right now! (Note: May not work on newer Windows systems)

Be sure to read the instruct.txt file in the ZIP for instructions.

btlcgame.zip – Big Trouble in Little China – For Commodore 64