Fan Remixes

Many talented Big Trouble fans have contacted me over the years, providing me with a nice collection of BTLC remixes.

The Remixes

 Back to the 80s (2:41) – BTLC fan Rob submits this new remix entitled “Back to the 80s,” featuring a 80s-esque synth sound and beat, along with various BTLC sound clips.
 Big Trouble 2000 (Music Sequence) (1:58) – Big Trouble fan Joel T. Rose gives us a remix with a bunch of neat, sampled wavs embedded in a techo, funky beat.
 BTLC Dark Cut (3:14) – BTLC fan Mark Corless brings us this scratch-heavy, quote laden mix.
 BTLC Escape (3:56) – BTLC fan Mark Corless remixes “The Final Escape” from the BTLC soundtrack, adding funky beats and interesting edits.
 BTLC Paid (3:56) – BTLC fan Mark Corless brings us this hard-beat remix of some of the normally soft Chinese music in the score.
 BTLC Sick (3:29) – BTLC fan Mark Corless remixes “Into the Spirit Path” from the BTLC soundtrack.
 BTLC Shiz (3:21) – BTLC fan Mark Corless brings us this remix of the “Spooky Ghost Story” section of the score.
 Chinese Sorcerers (3:59) – Mark Warren’s mix from Project Japanese Death Machine (2000). It’s an instrumental track, somewhat “industrial” sounding, with sound clips from the film.
 The Eyes of Gracie Law (2:13) – Chris Leatherman completed a musical tribute to Gracie Law to compliment all the great Jack Burton pieces. He sampled a lot of dialogue from the DVD’s deleted scenes. It’s quite a bit different style than the other fan music, with lots of elbow guitar.
 50 Cents of Trouble (1:30) – A 50-Cent loop remixed by Loki and C-Note, complete with various quotes from the film
 Green Eyes (8:07) – Canadian mixer Sean Tolhurst brings us this jungle beat-laden, quote-heavy mix about a girl with green eyes…
 Hey, C’mon, Let’s Go! (5:52) –  A remix from BTLC fan Dave. He writes: I made a song a while ago using this cheapo music editor. It was interesting because all the clips were in in time with the beats I used.
 I Wanna Be Jack Burton (Lo Pan’s Personal Remix) (3:17) – This one submitted by Anthony C. Varbero Jr. “I took Jim English’s “I Wanna Be Jack Burton (Mr. Burton Mix)” and added a bunch more Big Trouble wavs, some sound effects wavs, and even my own little “break down” in the middle of the song. I call it “I Wanna Be Jack Burton ((Mr. Burton mix) Lopan’s personal remix)” Hope you (and Jim English) enjoy it.”
 I Wanna Be Jack Burton (Mr. Burton Mix) (2:21) – Big Trouble fan Jim English took the melody of the “Upside Down Sinners'” song “I Wanna Be Jack Burton” and did an electronic remix called “I Wanna Be Jack Burton (Mr. Burton Mix)” He made the mix with Cool Edit Pro, Acid, and Rebirth 338. This song is An Apartas Reality Production by JE.
 I Wanna Be Jack Burton (Mr. Burton’s Hell) (2:26) – BTLC Mixer Jim English returns with his newest contributions: Mister Burton’s Hell (Part 1)
 Long Day Remix (4:50) – DJ Rest presents this new remix called “Long Day” – filled with funky rhythms and some lesser-known sound clips from BTLC.
 Mr. Burton’s Hell (Part II) (4:50) – BTLC Mixer Jim English returns with his newest contributions: Mister Burton’s Hell (Part 2)
 My Adidas in Chinatown (2:42) – BTLC fan Johnnyswitchblade used Acoustica Mixcraft 2.0 to mix together Run DMC’s “My Adidas” and the BTLC theme, “The Pork Chop Express” along with different samples to come up with this custom mix.
 Order Out of Chaos (The Darkest Magic Mix) (4:40) – Anthony C. Varbero Jr composed this music mix on Acid Style and mixed in the wavs using soundforge. He calls it “Order Out Of Chaos (The Darkest Magic Mix)”. This is a Black Eagle Music Production. Hope you enjoy.
 Order Out of Chaos (Egg’s VIP Spirit Mix) (2:09) – I got an email from dj ooz-E who really loved the “Order Out of Chaos” remix and decided to add his spin to it as well. Here’s his effort, done with Reason 3.0
 Track 03 (4:16) – This mix by DJ Mike DaSilva contains practically all the major quotes from the film, with a JC sampled beat!
Trouble in China Remix (3:30) – A rough draft version of Leon Haynes’ BTLC Nuskool / Jungle Tune made by Bruv & Re Spin.

The Upside Down Sinners – I Wanna Be Jack Burton

Many years ago I received an email from Big Trouble fan Christabel from Nashville, TN who informed me that she was once a part of a music band called “The Upside Down Sinners” in 1992!

Among this band’s repertoire was a song aptly titled “I Wanna Be Jack Burton!” Eventually the group disbanded, but the song remains. And here it is!

I Wanna Be Jack Burton (2:54) – Compliments of …The Upside Down Sinners…


Brian O’Connor – lead vocals
Kristina / Christabel – bass
Craig / The Invisible Anarchist – guitar 
Chris / Gunterman – drums

Original wave file conversion courtesy of Darrell/ Rascle



This is Jack Burton talking to you from the Pork Chop Express..talking to whoever’s listening out there…Like I told the last wife… I said Honey.. I never drive faster than I can see..besides.. it’s all in the reflexes…..Now you just listen to the old Pork Chop Express and take his advice on a dark and stormy night when the pillars of heaven are shakin’….when some wild eyed eight foot tall maniac grabs you by your neck and taps the back of your favorite head up against a bar room wall looks you crooked in the eye and asks “Have you paid your dues?” You just stare that big sucker back in the eye and do what ole Jack Burton does at a time like that…..”Have you paid your dues Jack?” “yes sir the check is in the mail”……….

Pork Chop Express is my name.. driving a truck is my claim to fame…
6.9 on the Richter scale….Driving over demons straight out of hell…
I got a boot knife to throw… who am I ? Don’t you know?

I wanna be …Jack Burton.. I wanna be…. Jack Burton…
I wanna be.. Jack Burton…. Old Jack says ..what the hell….

A self centered butthead is what I am…. All in the reflexes that’s my plan….
Don’t know where I am but I won’t show it… Count on me and I’ll probably blow it…
I got a boot knife though… Who am I? Don’t you know?

I wanna be …Jack Burton.. I wanna be Jack Burton…
I wanna be.. Jack Burton…. Old Jack says ..what the hell….

I can do things no one else can do… see things no one else can see…
but what I really want out of life.. is my damned truck back!

I wanna be …Jack Burton.. I wanna be Jack Burton…
I wanna be.. Jack Burton…. I wanna be Jack Burton…
I wanna be …Jack Burton….I wanna be… Jack Burton..
I wanna be… Jack Burton….Old Jack says ..what the hell….

Big Trouble in Little China is Copyright 1986 Taft/Barish/Monash Productions and distributed by Twentieth Century Fox. Any references made to this movie are made without intent to collect profit and with the utmost respect for John Carpenter,said copyright holders and the Constitution of the United States of America.. Special thanks to Kurt Russell…..Long live Jack Burton! ]

Copyright 1992 the Upside Down Sinners and Hell’s Bells Publishing. This song may not be reproduced without permission.