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This is an archive of past news and updates going all the way back to the site’s early beginnings in 2004!

Note: Some of the older links on this page may be out of date and not redirect properly. If you notice this, please contact me so I can fix it.

December 19, 2015:  Big Trouble in Little Podcast + Auction Items – Interested in a new podcast that’s pure trouble? BTLC superfan Stephen Escudero of the Vundablog has begun a new series called the “BTiLC Podcast“, now available for download and streaming on iTunes and Podcast Garden. The first episode includes an interview with yours-truly, as well as Erin Miskell of Backseat Driver Reviews fame. Also: Stephen informs me of a series of auctions recently closed for some great BTLC props and puppets used in the film, including the inflatable Thunder, translucent-skinned Lo Pan (with growing pinky nail), and other fun stuff. Check it out at iCollector.comSeptember 12, 2016:  Big Trouble – Original Screenplay Article – There’s an amazing article recently posted on about the original David Weinstein / Gary Goldman screenplay to Big Trouble in Little China, which was a period piece that took place in 1890s San Francisco. Definitely worth a read. You know what ol’ Wiley Prescott says at a time like this?

November 3, 2015:  Kurt Russell Chimes in On BTLC Remake – Looks like the website “The Nerdist” got Kurt Russell to briefly comment on the upcoming BTLC remake, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Thanks to BTLC fan Stan for the head’s up!

June 18, 2015:  Tanks a Lot –  If you’re looking for Big Trouble-inspired “Chinaman” tank tops (or “vests” as you English like to call them), you can find them in sizes S-2XL at Mention WINGKONG at checkout to get a discount!

June 2, 2015:  Big Trouble with The Rock? – Can it be true? Articles have been swirling around the Internet about a possible Big Trouble in Little China remake, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, fresh off his success in the recent “San Andreas” film. IO9 (6/2/15) Huffington Post (6/2/15) Variety (6/1/15) The Wrap (6/1/15) Time Magazine (6/1/15) Entertainment Weekly (6/1/15) IGN (6/1/15) Slashfilm (6/1/15) Scyllar (5/30/15) BTLC fans seem to be mixed in their opinion of this news. Some are thrilled to be seeing Big Trouble revitalized on the big screen after almost 30 years, while others question not doing a true sequel starring Kurt Russell and company. If you fall in the latter camp, you may be interested in BTLC fan James’ online petition to “Save Jack Burton” #protectjackburton Have an opinion? Post your comments to our forums! Thanks to BTLC fans Mike, Josh, James, Nirias, and Nauta for the news!

April 5, 2015:  New Big Trouble Screening and Cast Reunion and Saga of Mong Kickstarter – For you Los Angeles BTLC fans, I just got a head’s up from Lia Chang, the actress who played a role as a Wingkong Henchwoman in Big Trouble in Little China, that there’s going to be a screening of Big Trouble on Wednesday, April 8th from 7:00PM to 10:30PM at the Japanese American National Museum. As a bonus, at the screening for Q&A will be Big Trouble cast members Peter Kwong (Rain), George Cheung (Chang Sing), Al Leong (Wing Kong Hatchet Man) Gerald Okamura (Wing Kong Hatchet Man), James Hong (Lo Pan), Jeff Imada (Needles), and James Lew (Chang Sing and Martial Arts Consultant). Tickets are available for $10 presale, or $15 at the door. Also: Just got a note from BTLC fan Jeremy who is trying to get kickstarter funding for his Web series / comic book project “Saga of Mong“. He describes it as a cross between Evil Dead 2 and Big Trouble in Little China.He needs support to get his project off the ground – Check it out.

February 11, 2015:  Big Trouble Screening and Merchandise – Hi folks, still here. Gonna be a new father in May 2015… how time flies. According to BTLC fan Joel, there’s going to be a screening of Big Trouble this Friday (2/13/15) in Brooklyn, NY at the BAM Rose Cinemas – Also: Vinyl figures of Jack, Gracie, Lo Pan, and the Three Storms are available for pre-order from Pop, as well as Retro Action Figures! Thanks to BTLC fan Allie for the info! And: If you’re interested in ordering a Dragon of the Black Pool letterman jacket, please visit

September 13, 2014:  More Big Trouble Stuff – Yikes, has it really been half a year? I haven’t had much time to do updates, but that doesn’t mean BTLC stuff isn’t happening out there… here are some of the latest tidbits I’ve compiled over the last few months… My stock of official tank tops may be gone, but you can still pick up some fan-based tanks and tees at Be sure to grab em’ before they’re all gone! Mention WINGKONG at checkout to get a discount! Just got word that the Nick cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just released an episode called “A Chinatown Ghost Story” featuring none other than… Ho Chan? This ode to BTLC includes James Hong voicing the Lo Pan-like bad guy, and even has the minions playing Lightning, Thunder, and… Wind. Check it out on Nick’s site (requires a cable subscription), or on YouTube. Thanks to Jack and Ssgburd for the head’s up! Deadreel, a UK-based shirt company, is doing a new BTLC shirt for £15.00. And finally, the video game reviewer “Spoony” did an epic YouTube review of the Commodore 64 Big Trouble in Little China videogame.

March 8, 2014:  Big Trouble Comic Coming… and Raiders Guys –  After a drought of Big Trouble news comes this big announcement: Boom! Studios will be releasing a graphic novel adaptation of Big Trouble in Little China. Details are still a bit sketchy (zing!) but it will either be a one-shot or miniseries. If you’ll recall, Top Cow was slated to do a comic-adaptation of the series back in 2009, but it stalled. Hopefully this one will come to light and bring new life to Jack Burton, the Pillars of Heaven, and the Pork Chop Express. More info about this can be found on TGDaily. Thanks to Big Trouble fans StevenInk2001cover, and Willo1991 for the scoop! And in other news: The Raiders Guys are finishing off a Kickerstarter campaign to film a missing scene from the most epic fan-film ever made – a painstakingly-done, full version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. They need support to reach their goal, which ends in a few days – check it out here.

March 5, 2014:  Still Shakin’ the Pillars of Heaven – Everybody relax, we’re still here. For those of you in Fort Worth, TX, Andrew of the Lone Star Film Society reports that there will be a Big Trouble in Little China screening on Friday, March 28 at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The film is part of the Lone Star Film Society’s ArthouseFW – Cinemuse Series, which explores the collaborative relationship between John Carpenter and Kurt Russell. For ticketing info, click here. In other news, if you have any news about BTLC, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try to get it up on the site.

January 16, 2013:  Midnight BTLC Screening in Los Angeles – Happy 2013! The Year of the Snake. BTLC fan Jeff reports there will be a 35mm screening of Big Trouble in Little China in Los Angeles. It will take place at midnight on February 1 at the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax as part of their “Heavy Hitter Midnites” series. Visit for more info.

December 9, 2012:  Supertopaz vs. The 3 Storms – Supertopaz submits this very cool looking tribute to Big Trouble in Little China: “Supertopaz vs. The 3 Storms

October 22, 2012:  Big Trouble – Gangnam Style – Surely you’ve had a chance to watch and listen to South Korean rapper “Psy” and his infamous “Gangnam Style” video. But have you seen David Lo Pan and his Wing Kong get into the act? Yes, it’s “Lo Pan Style“, meticulously produced by BTLC fan Wesley Freitas, who brought the web various musical parodies of pop-culture movies. And yes, the tank top worn by Jack Burton (and “lady Burton”, for that matter) can be acquired here at the Wing Kong Exchange!

July 7, 2012:  Remaking Big Trouble? – Nathan Fillion as Jack Burton… Jay Chou as Wang Chi… Chow Yun-Fat as Egg Shen… and Cobie Smulders as Gracie Law… in a remake of Big Trouble in Little China written and directed by Shaun of the Dead’s Edgar Wright. What’s this? Can it be true? Well, right now it’s just a fun bit of speculation from BTLC fan Robert. Check out more here.

ouble Screening – BTLC fan Joel now reports that the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY will have a double-feature of Big Trouble in Little China with Highlander on June 9th at 10:30 PM. Check it out at

May 12, 2012:  Big Trouble Midnight Screening in New York – BTLC fan Joel reports that NYC’s IFC Center will have midnight screenings of Big Trouble in Little China on May 18 & 19, an encore of this past February’s midnight showings as part of a series of their “most popular midnight movie offerings”. Check it out at

April 27, 2012:  Big Trouble Midnight Screening in Los Angeles – For those Big Trouble fans like me who live in Los Angeles, the Nuart Theatre on 11272 Santa Monica Blvd will be doing a midnight screening of Big Trouble in Little China tonight (11:59PM on April 27). You can get a ticket here for $10.50.

April 23, 2012:  A Little Bundle of Trouble – Last Sunday, April 15th, I became a new father to a girl with grey (green?) eyes! When she’s old enough, Baby Ilana will certainly learn about the exploits of Jack Burton and Lo Pan! Also: All Pork Chop Express, Dragon of the Black Pool, Yellow Fu Manchu, and Rainbow Fu Manchu shirts are now on sale for $18. Order any of these and get a free Pork Chop Express sticker with your order! And on the music front: Remixer “Comptroller” has informed me that he and a group of other musicians have put together an 8-bit album of John Carpenter music, including the theme song to “Big Trouble in Little China”. Neat stuff, be sure to check it out at

March 7, 2012:  Official Fu Manchu Tanks back in stock! – Just when you thought the trouble was running out, it’s back with a vengeance! I have received a new supply of officially-licensed Jack Burton Fu Manchu tank tops in sizes S-2XL! Click here to check it out!

January 21, 2012:  Big Trouble Screening in NYC – There will be midnight screenings of Big Trouble in Little China on February 24 and 25 at the IFC Center at 323 Sixth Ave at West 3rd St in NYCClick here for details. Thanks to BTLC fan Joel for the head’s up!

December 30, 2011:  Happy New Year – All of us at the Wing Kong Exchange would like to wish you a happy 2012!

December 11, 2011:  Fire and Fury – Gary Chavez has finished the final part of his Fire and Fury story. You can read it here.

November 11, 2011:  New BTLC Forums are UP – The new phpBB 3.0 forums are now up! Please re-register and start contributing to any Big Trouble-related discussion topics! You can still access the old forums (read only) here.

November 2, 2011:  New BTLC Forum and Section – After many years of hosting a phpBB 2.0 forum, I have decided to close the existing one and create a new, more spammer-proof phpBB 3.0 forum. The process will take a few days. You will still be able to read previous articles in the old forum, but to post new stuff on the new forum, you will need to re-register, sorry. Also: I have added a new “About the Site” section in case some of you were wondering what this place is all about…

October 9, 2011:  Feedback and More Fury – What do you think of the new look of the site? If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me. Also: Gary Chavez’s has written three new chapters to his “Fire and Fury” stories – read all six chapters in the Fan section!

October 4, 2011:  Redesigned – Welcome to the new Wing Kong Exchange! Feel free to take a look around. I’ve organized the many sections of the site into new categories. Be sure to check out Gary Chavez’s new “Fire and Fury” stories in the redesigned Fan section!

July 16, 2011:  Update – I’ve just changed web hosts to Fatcow, and am working on redesigning the site. The forums were successfully transferred – I’m just trying to update it to phpBB3 (and purge hundreds of thousands of SPAM accounts). Look for some big changes to the site in the next few weeks.

June 23, 2011:  Big Trouble Screening and Canada News – Big Trouble fan PK reports that there will be a screening of Big Trouble in Little China tomorrow night (6/24) at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. This new 35mm print will play at 7:30PM, and it will be followed by a discussion with director John Carpenter, moderated by Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times and You can buy tickets on Fandango – General Admission is $11. Also, in other news, there is currently a postal strike going on in Canada, so unfortunately I will be unable to ship orders there at this time. If you place an order (or placed an order in the last 2-3 weeks), expect some pretty serious delays until the strike ends. And finally, Big Trouble fan and artist/illustrator ManlyArt is now selling his “Lo Pan Express” tee. Neat design!

June 6, 2011:  Big Trouble Shirts on the Web – While you can purchase officially licensed Big Trouble tee shirts and tanks here at the Wingkong Exchange, I wanted to mention a few other options out there on the web: The White Tigers Pleasure Palace ($22.34 + Shipping) – Big Trouble fan BF has designed the perfect shirt for tourists who want to advertise their visit to Mrs. O’Toole’s holding pen for Miao Yin. No guarantees if the shirt is tax deductible!

May 12, 2011:  Exclusive Gerald Okamura Interview – I was recently contacted by martial artist and actor Gerald Okamura, who played the Wing Kong fighter with the two golden revolvers, as seen to the right.Gerald graciously answered some interview questions for! Click here to read the words of the Wing Kong!

April 7, 2011:  Last Minute Discount for RSVPs to the Hong Show – Just got an email from BTLC fan Christine for those of you planning on attending the Monsterpalooza on April 9th: “If you RSVP to replyhong at gmail dot com, you can get in for $12 instead of the general admissions price of $15. This is the first time doing a show like this and James Hong would love all the support he can get in filling this 500 seat ballroom. Get your name on the list and pay at the door. See you there!” So there you have it. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, follow the instructions above for a discount! Sadly I cannot make this event, but if you go, be sure to mention the good ol’ to Mr. Hong and Co!

April 3, 2011:  Gerald Okamura to Attend the Hong Show at Monsterpalooza – Here’s a fun bit of update news: I got an email from actor Gerald Okamura informing me that he too will be attending the Hong Show at Monsterpalooza on Saturday April 9 at 8:00PM at the Burbank Marriott Hotel, 2500 Hollywood Way in Burbank, CA.

March 31, 2011: I just received a new shipment of Dragon of the Black Pool shirts in all sizes, as well as a bunch of new Pork Chop Express tees. Grab ’em while you can! Also, it is my sad duty to announce that once my current stock of shirts are gone, I will not be able to provide more, since my licensed supplier did not renew their contract with Fox. I have enough inventory that should supply fans through the end of the year, but if you’ve been holding out getting one of these shirts and tanks, I strongly suggest getting one now while you still can!

March 5, 2011: BTLC fan Arcane has informed me of an upcoming event involving actor James Hong (Lo Pan). It’s called “The Hong Show” and it will be on April 9th at 8:00PM at the Marriott Burbank Hotel Ballroom in Burbank, CA. Admission is $15. The event will feature film clips, a Q&A session, a Big Trouble costume contest, live script reading, a living dead dance contest(?) and more! Looks like if you’re attending the Monsterpalooza Convention, you have an opportunity to try out for parts in Mr. Hong’s show! Check out this Youtube clip for details. Be sure to wear your Jack Burton Fu Manchu Tee for the event!

February 3, 2011: To all you Canadian Burtonites, I’ve received word from BTLC fan Keira-Ann that several movie theatres across the country will be screening Big Trouble in Little China on Saturday February 5th at 11:59PM for just $5. If you live in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, or British Columbia, check out this link for screening details.

January 7, 2011: Happy New Year! Most shirts have all sizes back in stock, so be sure to check them out in the tee shirt section.

December 14, 2010: Happy Holidays from the Wing Kong Exchange. If you want to order some Big Trouble merchandise and make sure it arrives in time for Xmas, the last day is Tuesday, December 21 for US orders. I cannot guarantee non-US orders will make it on time at this point, but I will try to ship as often as possible until the 21st to make sure all orders get sent.

October 27, 2010: I just got word that the actor portraying Uncle Chu, Chao-Li Chi, passed away on October 16th at the age of 83. Godspeed, Uncle Chu.

October 22, 2010: If you’re looking for a Big Trouble-themed costume for Halloween, I suggest getting your tee shirt orders in before Wednesday October 27th in order to arrive by October 30th (Saturday). Note that this is for US orders – I cannot guarantee that orders placed outside of the US will arrive in time.

October 2, 2010: For you Seattlites out there, there will be a special screening of Big Trouble in Little China at the Stone Soup Theatre – The DownStage in Seattle, WA on Saturday, October 9. Why so special? James Hong, the actor portraying David Lo Pan will be in attendance, speaking about his career and showing some rare footage from his films. He will even do some role-play with the audience to re-enact scenes from BTLC. As a bonus, everyone who attends gets a signed photo with Mr. Hong. Indeed! Thanks to Ben and Brad for the info! If anyone has info about future BTLC screenings they’d like to share, feel free to contact me.

September 29, 2010: There will be a midnight screening of Big Trouble in Little China at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN on October 1 and 2. According to the website, they will be showing a new 35mm print. Thanks to BTLC fan Nate for the info!

September 3, 2010: Interested in a pair of White Sun Goggles? – check out this page for more info. Also: If you live in the Philadelphia area, there’s going to be a matinee screening of Big Trouble in Little China at the Colonial Theatre on 9/4 at 12PM. It’s the same theatre featured in the 1958 classic movie “The Blob”! Thanks to BTLC fan Rich for the head’s up!

July 24, 2010: You’ve been asking for them for years, and now I’ve finally found a supplier! Eskimo snow-goggles similar to those worn by the notorious “Lords of Death” in the film! I’m hoping to get a handful of these early next month. If you’re interested in a pair, please contact me. Also: BTLC fan Mark has sent in a few photos of a pumpkin carving he did last Halloween. Check it out in the fan art section. AND: BTLC fan Steve Mattsson of the Banzai institute’s World Watch Online has graciously sent in a fun interview with W.D. Richter (who was involved in both Buckaroo Banzai and BTLC). I converted it to PDF form, so you can read it here.

June 23, 2010: After months of waiting, I finally got a large shipment of brand new, Dragon of the Black Pool official BTLC shirts! I’ll be shipping pre-orders today. Come and grab them while they’re hot! Also: Be sure to check out the cool “Lo Pan Express” print over at the Manly Art Shop. Thanks to BTLC fan Jeff for the info!

June 2, 2010: A quick check of the Forums has revealed a new comic book series by Crank Left Comics called “Jack Burton Adventures” – looks like you can pick up an issue from their web site.

May 20, 2010: Well, I’m back and married, and have news for you guys: The offically-licensed Dragon of the Black Pool tee shirts will be available soon! I’m accepting pre-orders for the shirts, and should hopefully be able to ship them out in June. Orders placed while I was gone should all be shipped this Saturday.

May 3, 2010: Note that I will be away starting on 5/4 – any orders placed after 5/4 will not be shipped until I return the week of 5/17. I won’t go into too much detail, but it has something to do with this special girl with green eyes I recently married…

February 20, 2010: For you Cleveland BTLC fans, we’ve gotten word from Matt that the Capitol Theatre will be screening Big Trouble in Little China at the midnight showing, part of their “Late Shift” film series. The info: 1390 W. 65th St. Cleveland, OH 44102 (216) 651-7295

February 11, 2010: The the officially-licensed Fu Manchu tank tops have finally arrived! Order the real Jack Burton tank top today!

January 24, 2010: Happy 2010! I’ve just received word that the officially-licensed Fu Manchu tank tops are being printed and should hopefully be available in February. Once I get confirmation of this, I will begin accepting pre-orders. Still waiting on the Dragon of the Black Pool shirts. I hope to get more news on this next month.

December 15, 2009: The officially-licensed Pork Chop Express tee shirts are now in stock and ready to ship in time for Xmas! Unfortunately, I just got word that the licensed Fu Manchu tank is still going through approval issues with 20th Century Fox and will not be available until early next year. If you are still looking for a “Jack Burton Tank” for Xmas, I suggest trying Ebay… Note that the last day I will accept orders for Xmas is December 21. Any orders received after that will not be shipped until the 26th.

December 8, 2009: I am now taking pre-orders for the officially-licensed Pork Chop Express tee shirts. I expect to receive them next week for shipping in time for Xmas. The licensed Fu Manchu tank that everyone’s waiting for is still on backorder, but I’m hoping to get them in the next two weeks. Once I know they’re on their way, I will take pre-orders for them, and hopefully they can be a last-minute Xmas gift for BTLC fans.

November 13, 2009: The straw hat worn by Carter Wong as Thunder in BTLC is being put up for sale on the Hollywood memorabilia website, The Golden Closet. Now you can own a piece of Big Trouble history for only $3,500 (plus shipping). Just make sure you don’t explode with rage while trying the hat on.

November 9, 2009: Several additions to the fan art and music section: BTLC Fan Wagner from Brazil submits this neat art of the little ol’ basketcase on wheels. Click the art to see it full size. Mark Corless is back with four BTLC remixes. They’re all in the Music Section.

November 5, 2009: I am pleased to announce that due to a deal with 20th Century Fox and American Classics, their official distributor of licensed film apparel, I am now able to sell Officially-licensed Big Trouble in Little China tee shirts, including the offical “Jack Burton” Fu Manchu tank top that Kurt Russell wears in the film! Take a look at the designs in the new Tee Shirt section. Two of the designs are now in stock, and I am waiting to get in the other ones soon.

October 22, 2009: Due to a intellectual property claim by 20th Century Fox, as of today, I am no longer able to sell unofficial merchandise affilitated with Big Trouble in Little China through I am working on a way to sell licensed BTLC merchandise in the near future, but in the meantime, I suggest looking at other places on the Internet (Ebay, etc) if you’re looking for BTLC shirts, stickers, or tanks. Thanks to all the fans for your support! If you’re curious to see what I’ve sold over the years, please visit the Merchandise section.

October 18, 2009: I’ve received word that director John Carpenter will be showing up at the Texas Frightmare Weekend from April 30 to May 2, 2010 in Dallas, TX. According to the press release: Join us April 30-May 2, 2010 in Dallas as Texas Frightmare Weekend salutes legendary filmmaker and composer John Carpenter! This movie maverick staggered audiences in 1978 by unleashing suburban boogeyman Michael Myers into our collective nightmares with Halloween. Carpenter’s continued to chip away at frayed nerves with The Thing, Christine, The Fog and so many more, including fan-favorite Snake Plissken’s misadventures in Escape From New York. We are tremendously honored John Carpenter has graciously accepted our invitation and we eagerly await his latest fright flick, The Ward! For more information, check out their website at In other news, BTLC fan Mark Corless has submitted a new beat entitled “BTLC Escape” – take a listen in the Music section.

August 22, 2009: German BTLC fan Martin sends over this pic he took while visiting San Francisco Chinatown.

August 7, 2009: You can now purchase the high-definition Blu Ray version of Big Trouble in Little China – I’ve seen it on sale for $19.99 in most stores, including Amazon and Frys.

July 11, 2009: I’ve just received some intriguing news from a BTLC fan who shall remain anonymous… It turns out that Evan Bleiweiss, a writer on The Shield, is premiering his Big Trouble In Little China graphic novel via TopCow Productions @ Comic Con on Friday July 24th, and will be signing sneak peek copies with the artist at 9 AM. Bleiweiss also sold a pilot to Fox for a BTLC serieswhich is in the early stages of development. Interesting indeed… I’m sure if this is true we will hear more about this following Comic Con in San Diego…

June 20, 2009: Be sure to check out BTLC fan Sean Tolhurst’s new remix “Green Eyes” in the music section!

May 9, 2009: BTLC fan David T reports that the Blu-Ray version of Big Trouble in Little China has been released… in France and the Netherlands! Apparently it’s a region-free Blu-Ray disc, so viewers in the US can watch it as well. David took some pictures of the Blu-Ray disc and screenshots… check it out here. For those who would rather wait for a US release, Fox has announced that the film will be available on August 4. Also: BTLC fan Jeff A has found a proposed Big Trouble in Little China II movie-of-the-week screenplay by Charles Proser – haven’t read it yet, but it sounds interesting. [HTML] [PDF] And: BTLC fan Rob N put together a fun old-timey movie of BTLC, featuring clips from old movies with John Wayne as Jack Burton (fitting, no?), and Boris Karloff as Lo Pan.

February 11, 2009: After a long period of trying, I have acquired – so if you’re referring friends here and forget the site’s address, just tell em’ to use the name of the film, with dot net. Try it and see!

January 29, 2009: The 2-CD Big Trouble in Little China soundtrack is now in the Merchandise section! Due to popular demand, I’ve purchased more soundtracks, and they are now available for purchase! Click here for more info. The soundtracks each come with a special cover signed by co-composer Alan Howarth! Thanks to La-La Land Records for providing the soundtracks!

January 7, 2009: Happy 2009! To ring in the new year, how’s this for a bit of news: Big Trouble in Little China 2-CD Soundtrack is being released January 13, 2009! According to various sourcesLa La Land Records will be issuing a limited release (3000 copies) of the John Carpenter / Alan Howarth score. You will be able to purchase some of these copies here at the Wing Kong Exchange! This third release of the soundtrack will be a complete 2-disc set featuring the COMPLETE score and all-new liner notes! More details and track listings coming soon… thanks to BTLC fans Mick and Daniel for the scoop!

December 11, 2008: Wishing you guys all the best in 2009.

October 17, 2008: It’s that time of year again! Wanna be Jack Burton for Halloween? I suggest one or more of the following ingredients: Jack Burton Tank TopPork Chop Express Hat, Mullet wig, Fake knife, Fake TEC-9 or Uzi-equivalent, Jeans, Leather Boots, CB Radio transmitter, Hoagie sandwich, and a Large wristwatch.

August 26, 2008: Be sure to check out the new blog writing by BTLC fan Terry Little on the possibility of a BTLC television series. While you’re there, take a look at other writings by BTLC fans over the years…

July 19, 2008: Guess what’s back… back again… Wing Kong shirts… tell a friend… You can pre-order the shirts, which should be available to ship the week of July 28. I’m also restocking up on other shirts and designs. Also, thanks to BTLC fan Wayne for pointing out a cool new poster (now in the poster section) and a review of BTLC on Britain’s Channel 4.

June 21, 2008: I will be leaving on a 10 day vacation next week and won’t return until the week of July 7. Shipment on all tee shirt orders will be delayed until I return!

April 27, 2008: BTLC fan Robby Roadsteamer points out that this winter, a bunch of musicians in several Boston-area bands are making a musical based on Big Trouble in Little China! YouTube video link is here.

April 15, 2008: Pick up the latest issue of Wizard Magazine (#199) and you’ll find a great little article featuring this site and its BTLC merchandise! Guess it’s time to restock my tanks, tees, and hats. Look for a new batch of shirts, including the Pork Chop, Egg, and Dragon designs, in the Tee Shirts section.

March 6, 2008: I have re-ordered more tank tops as well as tee shirts! They should be coming in the week of 3/17.

December 7, 2007: Just in time for the holidays – I’ve reordered the Pork Chop Express tee shirts AND Trucker Hats. Orders before 12/14 should arrive in time for Xmas! Also: BTLC fan Peter has created a nifty YouTube video of BTLC to the tune of Over My Head by Sum 41. Check it out! While we’re mentioning YouTube, I posted my Big Trouble in Little South Park videos there – for those of you that don’t have flash support in your browser, check them out – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Finally: Looking for a killer-looking BTLC poster? Check out what artist Tyler Stout over at Mondotees has done.

November 7, 2007: Looks like Actor James Hong (Lo Pan) has been busy lately, making an appearance on the NBC show “Chuck” recently playing a certain Chinese crime boss in a wheelchair named… “Ben” Lo Pan! Click here for Screengrab #1 and Screengrab #2 from “Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp”! Thanks to BTLC fan Lee for the info! Also: BTLC fan Mark informs me of an amusing and thorough BTLC remix video on YouTube. Definitely worth checking out!

November 1, 2007: Based on popular demand, I will be doing one final batch of Jack Burton tanks for the holidays. The shirts should be ready to ship in about 3 weeks, and I’ll be taking pre-orders until then. Update: The tanks have arrived as of 11/12/07!

October 21, 2007: Sorry for the lack of updates… I just got another remix submission from BTLC fan DJ Mike DaSilva – it’s practically covers the whole movie – give it a listen in the Music section! Also regarding the tee shirts – I’m starting to phase out my current inventory of shirts. Be sure to grab what’s left before they’re all gone!

August 21, 2007: We have some new music remixes in the Music section courtesy of BTLC fans DJ Rest and Sam. Give them a listen!

August 11, 2007: If you missed the “Check in the Mail” and “Indeed” tee shirts the first time around, they have returned in limited quantities! Pick one up today!

July 30, 2007: The site Crank Left reports that James Hong answered questions at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, and gave his thoughts on reprising his role as Lo Pan in a possible BTLC sequel. Check out his amusing response here. Also: The black “Check in the Mail” and “Indeed” shirts will be making a return run in the next two weeks! Stay tuned.

June 28, 2007: I’d been meaning to post this for a while – BTLC fan Kevan was kind enough to scan a picture from the Quentin Tarantino “Grindhouse” book, which clearly shows the Jack Burton tank on the wall in the bar. If you look closely, you can see it’s signed in two places. I wonder what it says? Click the image for a closeup.

June 16, 2007: Egg shirts are now in stock! Refilled my stock of Pork Chop shirts too.

June 4, 2007: Coming the week of June 18th – Egg Foo Young Tees! Now accepting pre-orders. Refills of other shirts (Burton / Porkchop) coming soon as well. Reverted back to normal store until problems can be resolved. Now accepting international orders again!

April 11, 2007: I’m getting word from numerous moviegoers that in the recently-released “double feature” called The Grindhouse, the Quentin Tarantino-directed Kurt Russell film “Death Proof” includes a barroom scene where, tacked to the wall among other memorabilia, is the famous Jack Burton tank top! Pretty neat. Thanks to Rich, Kevan, Brad, and Raindog for the head’s up! China Update: Looks like I’ll be staying in China until the end of the month! I won’t be able to ship any merchandise until at least the first week of May.

April 4, 2007: I will be traveling to China on a business trip tomorrow, and won’t be back for 1-3 weeks. Any tee shirt orders placed will not be delivered until I return. Since I expect to receive refills on various sizes by the time I get back, these shirts will be available to order. Also: I have decided to make White and Black Pork Chop Express stickers and will accept pre-orders for them. Again, they will not be shipped until at least the end of April, so please keep that in mind when you place an order. Expect a few pictures from my trip when I return! Finally: BTLC fan Kevin mentions that there will be a screening of Big Trouble in Little China in Philadelphia on May 5th. Details are here.

March 24, 2007: I’m going to make a limited run of 250 Pork Chop Express stickers, but want to know what color to choose. Poll’s over! Black on White background wins!

March 21, 2007: Now available for purchase in the Tee Shirts section: Wing Kong tee shirts. Support the the most dangerous, cutthroat den of madmen in Chintown! Pick up one today!

March 20, 2007: I’m considering doing a run of Pork Chop Express stickers. Details are in the forum. If you might be interested in this, please contact me. If I get enough interest, I’ll probably end up making them.

March 10, 2007: The Wing Kong Trading Co. tee shirts should once again be available after the week of March 26. Also: For those interested, I currently have a Wang-style letterman jacket in stock. It’s a size medium (fits most people who wear Large tees), with quilted lining and dark brown embroidery. Price includes a free tee shirt / tank of your choice! Contact me for details.

March 9, 2007: Maxim Magazine has declared Big Trouble in Little China to be the #1 Greatest Awful Movie of All Time. (I guess this is a good thing!) Thanks to Jeremy of Boston, MA for the find!

February 14, 2007: In a recent entertainment piece called “Lessons to Live By” featuring life lessons in movie clips, Jack Burton’s famous “Check in the Mail” monologue is #6! And been meaning to post this one for a while: Another Maxim Online clip from a while back features interviews with the cast of Posidon, including Kurt Russell. The interviewer couldn’t resist a BTLC reference at the end… Thanks to Eric for the head’s up on this one! Also: New remix in the Music section by dj ooz-E And finally: Mark W has done more of his storyboard art – check it out in the Fan section.

January 25, 2007: All sizes of Jack Burton tanks are now back in stock!

January 17, 2007: Good news, Mister Burton! Dragon of the Black Pool tee shirts are now available, as well as a new batch of Pork Chop Express tees. Check them out in the Tee Shirt section! More Jack Burton tanks are still slated to arrive by the end of the month.

December 19, 2006: For those of you who like to wait until the last minute to buy holiday gifts, I will be shipping orders out tomorrow that should arrive by Saturday. Put in your tee or hat orders today to make it in time for xmas!

December 11, 2006: You asked for em’, so they’re here for the holidays – Jack Burton tank tops are back in stock! No pathetic excuses… avoid the Hell of Waiting in Line at the Shopping Mall without Knowing what to Get as a Gift and pick one up for yourself or a loved one today! Also available: Pork Chop tees, hats, and other goodies!

December 10, 2006: BTLC fan Chris Roberts writes in about an unexpected appearance of Wang’s BTLC Restaurant, the Dragon of the Black Pool: I was watching my dvd set for the early 90’s TV show “Eerie Indiana”. I was shocked when I got to an episode called “No Brain, No Pain”. The episode opens with the line: “Simon and I had decided to make a rare appearance with the family. Stuffing ourselves at the Dragon of the Black Pool Chinese Restaurant…” And wouldn’t you know, the neon sign in the window of the restaurant is the exact same one from Big Trouble in Little China. If you can get your hands on Eerie Indiana: The Complete Series, its the last episode on disc 4, called “No Brain, No Pain”. Sure enough, that’s the sign! I wonder if Fox studios did Eerie Indiana and found that sign in some dusty backlot corner and decided to use it. Click here to see some screen captures.

December 6, 2006: They’re back! Get your Pork Chop Express tee shirts for the holidays! And, for the first time, the Wing Kong Exchange is happy to offer exclusive Pork Chop Express Trucker hats! Also: The “All in the Reflexes” tee shirts are now on sale for $18! Pick one up today!

October 25, 2006: Hi guys, I’m packing up and moving this weekend and won’t be able to ship shirt orders until next week. If you placed an order already for one of the Burton tanks/tees, I’ll try to get it out tomorrow so you all get your shirts by Halloween. Still no word on the Porkchops…

October 16, 2006: There’s an ebay auction going on right now for a pair of 1960s Neostyle “Playmate” sunglasses that look just like the white goggles worn by one of the “Lords of Death.” Auction ends on Oct 22th.

October 9, 2006: BTLC Fan Johnnyswitchblade has sent in a new music mix – check it out in the music section. Pork Chop update: Still waiting to receive the new tees. Hopefully they will arrive by the end of the week – Will keep you all informed.

September 26, 2006: Thanks for voting, guys! I’ve decided to print up two different designs for the Reflexes tees – the Heather gray ringer tee on the left, and the Taupe tee to the right! Both shirts should be ready to ship in about 3 weeks. Preorder now and be the first on your block to have em! Pork Chop update: I’m still hoping to get the batch of new Pork Chop, Dragon, Egg, and Wing Kong tees in the next 2 weeks. If you’ve already ordered, thanks for your patience – I’ll try to ship the shirts as soon as they arrive! Also: Sale on Indeed and Check in the Mail tees! Pick one up today for only $16 US!

September 16, 2006: The Wing Kong Exchange is pleased to present a new shirt design featuring Jack Burton saying his trademark quote, “It’s All in the Reflexes!”

August 27, 2006: I’ve just ordered a bunch of new Pork Chop, Dragon, Egg, and Wing Kong tees – they should be available in M, L, and XL in about 3 weeks. I’m taking pre-orders now!

August 11, 2006: In an ongoing effort to limit the amount of spam e-mail I get, I’ve changed my two contact addresses. Please note the new e-mail addresses throughout the site.

July 22, 2006: A couple of BTLC fans are trying to get together to create a Big Trouble-themed RPG using a program called RPG Maker. Check out the forum here. If you are interested in getting involved, contact me.

June 24, 2006: James Lew has been busy lately promoting his 18 Fingers of Death film, and took some time to answer questions for the SAGIndie web site. Check it out!

June 9, 2006: BTLC fan “Dave” sends in his latest music remix called “Hey C’mon Let’s Go!” Check it out in the Music section and discuss in the forums!

June 1, 2006: Martial arts choreographer and Chang Sing actor James Lew answers a series of questions in his first exclusive interview with! Click here to read the interview. Don’t forget to visit his web site at!

May 25, 2006: I was able to contact my distributor, and starting next week, a limited number of Pork Chop ExpressEgg Foo Yong ToursDragon of the Black Pool, and Wing Kong Trading Co. tee shirts are now available! Sizes range from Small to XL. Get them before they’re gone!

May 8 , 2006: You asked for trouble, you got it. New Jack Burton tank tops have arrived and are once again available to order. Pick up a tank in sizes Small through XL. Available to ship internationally too!

April 8, 2006: I recently got an email from actor and martial arts choreographer on BTLC, James Lew! James, who played the lead Chang Sing and did many of the fight sequences in BTLC, has been quite busy lately promoting his upcoming film “18 Fingers of Death.” This comedy martial arts fest will be released on DVD April 11, 2006, and feature him and the late Pat Morita. More information will be available at

March 31, 2006: I was recently informed of the tragic death of martial arts expert and actor Stuart Quan, who played a Chang Sing in BTLC. Quan suffered a heart attack after a snowboarding trip on January 8, 2006. He was 43. I believe he is the Chang Sing pictured to the right. Quan’s IMDB listing shows he had a long and promising career, including a role in James Lew’s 18 Fingers of Death. He will be missed. You can check out his tribute site here.

March 26, 2006: For those of you who have mad wicked Photoshop skills, I am opening up a new Big Trouble in Little China Photoshop contest, with fabulous prizes for 2 of the winning entries! For more details, go to the Fan Submission section in the Forums! Note: To enter, you will have to register in the forums! Also: I just updated my personal portfolio site. Check it out and send me feedback if you like.

March 12, 2006: Ever wanted to own one of the hats that the 3 Storms wear in the film? Looks like a fan in Philadelphia had one custom made and is now selling it on Ebay. The Auction ends on March 18. ALSO: I’m putting together a new art contest for you Photoshoppers. Details will be coming soon. The winners will receive a free Indeed or Check in the Mail tee! Looks like the site recently broke 300,000 hits! Thanks for visiting!

February 1, 2006: The Check in the Mail and Indeed shirts are once again available for purchase for only $18! New “Paid Your Dues” Deal – Visit the Check and Indeed pages for more details.

January 20, 2006: Due to popular demand, I am doing another run of the Check is in the Mail and Indeed tee shirts, in sizes S through XXL! I am now taking pre-orders for the shirts, which should be ready to ship by early February.

January 1, 2006: Happy new year, BTLC fans! To cap off the new year, Blinky Productions has released its short film, “Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey!” Head on over to to watch it! Also: Episode III of my Big Trouble in Little South Park flash animated series is done! Click here to watch it!

December 16, 2005: All new shirts are back in stock for the holidays. If you want them in time for Xmas, be sure to place your order by the 19th!

December 6, 2005: Just wanted to let you guys know that I haven’t forgotten about Episode 3 of Big Trouble in Little South Park. I’m working on it as we speak and I’m going to try to get it out before the end of the year. Also: Big Trouble fan Raphael Falkoff recently submitted an essay he wrote for school on John Carpenter, Religion, and Big Trouble in Little China. I’ve posted it in the Articles sections for those interested in giving it a read.

November 24, 2005: Added a new sound clip and music clip to the Sounds and Music sections. Also, anyone interested in purchasing a Wang-style Dragon of the Black Pool jacket will need to put their orders in this week – DeLong will not be manufacturing any new orders placed from December 1 – January 15.

November 14, 2005: The Pork Chop ExpressEgg Foo Yong ToursDragon of the Black Pool, and Wing Kong Trading Co. Tee shirts are once again available for purchase! Also: BTLC fan John Arenz submitted a new wallpaper design and Mark Warren sent in an industrial BTLC-themed song he did in 2000 called “Chinese Sorcerers” for his project “Japanese Death Machine!”

October 24, 2005: The new Jack Burton tank and tee shirts are now in stock! Buy one and compliment your wardrobe today!

October 18, 2005: I’ve sent the new design to the printers, and expect to receive my first batch next week! That said, I’m now taking pre-orders for the New Burton Tank and New Burton Tee shirts! Order today and be one of the first to get it in time for Halloween! The older tanks and tees are now on sale – get em’ before they’re gone!

October 15, 2005: I’ve begun work on Episode III of Big Trouble in Little South Park. Click here for an exclusive sneak peak at one of the opening scenes!

October 6th, 2005: After two+ years of selling the same Jack Burton tank and tee shirt design, I’ve decided to try redesigning the image to more closely resemble the actual Chinaman logo seen in the film. The new shirts will have a subdued hue tone, finer detail, and more accurate coloring. They will be available in all sizes (even XXL!) Look for the new shirts in Oct / Nov.This means I will begin phasing out the older Burton design shirts, so if you like that logo, you should pick one up today! Click here for the Tee Shirt section.

September 20th, 2005: There’s still quite a while before Halloween, but I’m starting to get requests for how to make a Jack Burton costume, so I thought I’d post this helpful info:

As always, please send in your photos if you decide to go Big Trouble themed this Oct 31!

September 15th, 2005: Recently reported on Fan Boy Chris Notarile of Blinky Production is filming “Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey!” They even have four teaser posters available for viewing! Look for Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey in mid-October at!

September 13th, 2005: The new Wing Kong Exchange forums are now live! Sign up today and start posting!

September 11th, 2005: I’ve lowered the price of Indeed shirts to $18. Pick up one at this sale price today! Also: Switching hosts and directory structures allowed me to notice certain users who have been hot-linking my images on high-traffic sites. Please do not hotlink any images for userpics, etc. Find an image host to do this instead.

September 9th, 2005: After deciding to switch hosts to the more space and bandwidth-friendly, I’ve also given the site its fifth facelift. Hope you like the new look!

August 21st, 2005: Episode II of my Big Trouble in Little South Park flash animated series is done! Click here to watch it!

August 14th, 2005: I’ve lowered the price on the jackets and will now throw in a free tee shirt with your order! Click here for details!

July 25th, 2005: Writer Phil Villarreal of the Arizona Daily Star recently published a review of Big Trouble in Little China – it’s definitely worth a read!

July 9th, 2005: After a year of planning, the Dragon of the Black Pool jackets are now available for ordering! Find out more info in the Jacket section! Also: The Check in the Mail tees are now on sale for $18! Pick one up today!

July 7th, 2005: The Indeed shirts are here! Order one today, and avoid being sent off to the Hell where People are Skinned Alive, it’s that simple, understand?

July 1st, 2005: The second of three planned shirt designs is coming soon! Find out more in our Tee Shirts section! Also: BTLC fan Uncanny Antman has graciously provided a few new scans of BTLC photos! View them in the Gallery section.

June 4th, 2005: I am now taking orders for the first of two types of Dragon of the Black Pool jackets. Click here for more info!

May 13, 2005: The new Jack Burton “Check in the Mail” tees are now in stock! Order one today!

March 15, 2005: Shirts are back! We just got another shipment of tee shirts in, and now have all shirts in sizes Small through XL! Check them out in the Tee Shirts section. Dragon of the Black Pool Jacket update: I’m still trying to find a jacket manufacturer, but once I do, it shouldn’t be too long before these fine jackets become available. If you haven’t signed up for one yet, contact me.

March 5, 2005: Huge Buzz! BTLC fan and World of Warcraft player Curt recently sent me a screenshot of this interesting item he acquired while playing the popular online RPG…

February 14, 2005: Dragon of the Black Pool Jacket – After running a poll a while back, it seems that many Big Trouble fans would like to see a Dragon of the Black Pool jacket available for sale. They will be yellow wool letterman-style jackets with brown suede or leather arms. The Dragon of the Black Pool logo will be professionally embroidered on the back. At this time, I’d like to take signups for the Wang Chi-inspired jackets, which will likely cost between $125-250 dollars, depending on the material quality. I won’t be making very many (perhaps 10 total), so be sure to sign up for one of these one of a kind jackets now! If you are at all interested in one of these, please contact me and let me know what jacket size you’d want.

January 5, 2005: Another year of operation for the Wing Kong Exchange! Thanks for visiting! If you have any news or interesting tidbits to report, feel free to contact me. Tee Shirt update: Pork Chop Express tee shirts are now available in XXL sizes, and L Jack Burton tees and M Jack Burton tanks can now be ordered.

December 25, 2004: Happy Holidays from the Wing Kong Exchange!

December 12, 2004: Pork Chop Shirts now available for order – You asked for em’ now they’re here! New Pork Chop Express and Dragon of the Black pool shirts! See the new designs in the Tee Shirts section!

December 1, 2004: New Jack Burton Shirt Sizes Available – You asked for it, you got it! The Jack Burton tanks and tees are now available in smaller sizes, including a Women’s medium! Click here to see! All the other Jack Burton shirts are back in stock! Be like Burton and put the check in the mail today! Have any BTLC news to report? Contact me.

November 13, 2004: Jack Burton Sighted in Austin – Halloween’s over, but here’s a glimpse of Jack hanging out with Hellboy, courtesy of BTLC fan Jay in Austin.

December 25, 2004: Jack Burton Sighted with Viking -BTLC fan Paul sent in this early halloween pic.

December 2, 2004: Jack Burton Halloween Costume- Yeah, I’ve been selling these Jack Burton shirts for a while now, but what better time to buy one than Halloween? Be Jack Burton and impress your friends! You will need a few items to complete your wardrobe: 1 Jack Burton Tank Top (M, L, or XL) – Only found on this site! 1 Brown Mullet Wig (Ebay) 1 Pair of Black Officer Boots (Ebay) 1 “Good Knife” or Tec-9 (Fake of course) 1 CB Radio (Radio Shack?)

September 4, 2004: Egg’s Residence Revealed! BTLC fan Deranged Liquid Sheep recently did some research on BTLC locations and found the location where the interior filming was done for Egg Shen’s residence. It was shot at a firehouse, Engine House 23, in Los Angeles. Sure enough, a picture to frame comparison confirms this. Notice the large firehouse door in the back and the roll-up gate on the left that revealed the pole used to slide underneath Chinatown? If you know of any other locations from the film and can take a picture of it, contact me. I’d be interested in doing a piece on this in the future.

Merchandising Poll Results – In other news, I am closing the Merchanding Poll. Here are the results of new BTLC merchandise you’d like to see: #1 – Dragon of the Black Pool Jacket (146) 23.32% #2 – Pork Chop Express Baseball Hat(134) 21.41% #3 – Lords of Death White Eskimo Slit Goggles (125) 19.97% Thanks for making your voices heard, guys. We will consider these options in the future.

August 15, 2004: Pork Chops Coming – Wes Boyd informs me that the Pork Chop Express tee shirts are currently sold out, but there will be a new batch coming that may look a little different. Stay tuned.

July 15, 2004: New Merchandise Poll – I’m considering offering some new Big Trouble in Little China-themed merchandise on the site, I’d just like to get some fan input to see what you’re interested in. Please check out the poll on the right before you leave.

June 15, 2004: At long last, the Wing Kong Exchange is proud to present the first in a series of Flash animated shorts Episode I – Small Beginnings – Look for more episodes to come! Tell your friends!