Comments by Petitioners for a Sequel to Big Trouble in Little China

Well folks, here is a compilation of comments I’ve received from all you petitioners out there in the past years. I’ve sort of picked these at random, but the newest ones are at the top, going back to January near the bottom. If you would like to add your comments to this page, or have an article posted, contact me and let me know.

Submitted by: Ethan Logue – Carpenter will make another BTLC or I will personally resurrect Lo Pan and conquer the world!

Submitted by: Alejandro Romero – There could be such a great BTLC sequel without John Carpenter: Just imagine it directed by Sam Raimi, the magnificent Larry Cohen, Michele Soavi, Alex de la Iglesia, the own John Woo, perhaps Guillermo del Toro… And what about Chris (“Get a Life”) Elliott in the BTLC sequel? Carpenter is the greatest, but there´s a “John Carpenter´s Big Trouble in Little China”. Think what the Halloween series could have been, directed by talented creators.

Submitted by: Max 352 – I live in England and am keen on a sequel for I almost watch it 4/5 times a week and never get bored of it. I also have an idea of a story for a possible sequel. In it Raiden and Lo Pan (Back from the dead) seek to take over the universe again and get any army together. They have armies all over the world and Egg finds out about this and gets everyone back to stop them and this time they have other new friends to help out too.

Submitted by: Chris Pumpelly – Well, I like SF, but i think a great setting would be Wichita Kansas. ITS REALLY GOOD! P.S. I cant really decipher the choosing of actor/actresses…

Submitted by: Victor – Hurry up and make it, I would definitely go and watch it many times over. I loved it on the Beta version.

Submitted by: Kyle Woolsey – I must have seen BTLC 100 times as a teen that was babysat by HBO for all those pre-working summers. It’s one of my all-time favorites and never gets old. I’d love to see another chapter in the story.

Submitted by: John Pearson – Please, oh please make a sequel!!! Big Trouble embodies what a true action film should be. It’s like the Saturday morning cartoons we grew up with. It’s funny, fast, sexy, and intelligent. Carpenter rocks. He should have made this one instead of Escape from L.A.

Submitted by: Rudi Einfeldt – I love your page! It’s about time that this movie gets the tribute that it deserves!! Another actor that I think would be good for a leading man/Comic relief role would be Charlie Sheen (I don’t know, maybe as Jack’s wacky kid brother??) Anyways; good luck with the petition, and keep up the good work!!

Submitted by: Phillip Burke – Jackie Chan is God!!!! Perhaps he could play a bad guy for once,(apart from his role in Rumble in HK.) Also, in sequals people from the original film usaully die, but it would be excusable if nobody did in this one(although if they keep getting in trouble someone is bound to get the chop!!) What happened to Burton at the end of the first film? That monster didn’t look too pleased!!!

Submitted by: Steve Townsley – Wow. I’d like to see most (if not all) the original cast return, and since you had Bruce Campbell up there, I say why not? He can be a rival truck-driver, or some union guy out to collect Jack’s dues…Have you paid your dues, Jack? Yes sir, the check is in the mail….As for setting–well, I trust the filmmakers on that one. Whether playing on the home turf or away, I’m sure it’ll be a great action movie.

Submitted by: Gail Marion – Dear John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, The world NEEDS Jack Burton to shake the pillars of heaven again. This movie did not receive the respect it deserved when it first came out. Maybe now the viewing public will “get it”…if not, the heck with *them*, those of us who can appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor, non-stop action, intelligent dialog, and, forgive me for saying it, but the incredible good looks and style of Kurt Russell, deserve another look at Jack, Wang, and Lo Chen. Please, John Carpenter, do us this huge favor and give us another Big Trouble!!

Submitted by: Jay Knioum – Chow Yun-Fat. ’nuff said…

Submitted by: Andrew Cunningham – Corey Yuen Kwai as action director.

Submitted by: Chris Blake Sasser – You know what ‘ol Jack Burton always says…the sequel would ONLY a good idea if both John Carpenter and Kurt Russell return.

Submitted by: Matthew Giaquinto – I believe the key to a BTILC 2 is in the writting of the dialoge. Carpenter knows how to direct the picture as long as Jack Burton has that same John Wayne over the top macho iditoness that makes him march head first with eyes closed into almost any situation. That is what will make the picture, Russle’s performance is the backbone and everthing else will fall into place.

Submitted by: Adam Lee – Big Trouble 2 should have a different leading lady, but the key male figures, Burton, Egg, and Wang chi must return. James Hong should also return(he could be Lo Pan’s God or something). Jackie Chan would be a nice addition, but then again, so would Chow Yun Fat. There are endless possibilities for this sequel. But it must have John Carpenter and Kurt Russell. Thanks and good luck with this petition.

Submitted by: Mark Aaron – BTLC was an all time great…timeless, and gets funnier every time you see it! A sequel would be great, as long as it’s done right. Escape from LA really sucked in my opinion… come on John…

Submitted by: Thomas A Cavendish – Dear John (no pun) I’ve been waiting for this movie forever! I know its not as simple as 123, but making this movie would give the fans something decent along the lines of an action film.

Submitted by: Steve Kurt’y – This is a great idea, but only if the original actors are used, there is nothing worse that a sequel with different actors than the original. Since the Three Storms (Thunder,Rain,Lightning) and Lo Pan are like immortals, then there is no reason why they shouldn’t be in the sequel. And of course, Al Leong MUST be in the sequel! (If you are not familliar with whom I’m speaking of, he’s the guy that’s in EVERY movie that has to do with anything Chinese, he has the long hair and the Fu Manchu mustache.He played one of the Wing Kong in the origional BTILC.Even though critics give this movie only 2 stars(those bastards) as a film student, I find this film to be a cinematic masterpiece, SERIOUSLY. Believe it or not, just about anyone that has seen this movie thinks it is one of the all time greatest, even though they may have a hard time admitting it. But if a sequel did come out, I would bet my life that it would be a huge blockbuster at the box office. We’re looking at a golden idea here!

Submitted by: Mark Duncan – I was watching Big Trouble last night and was thinking how great it would be to have a sequel. I hope you get enough signatures because I can’t think of any movie that deserves a sequel more than BTILC. Also, I just love the Bruce Campbell idea, he would be great with Jack Burton if you put him in an Ash-type role, they are very much alike if you look at them, they both use cheesy lines without being cheesy, they are both women-slayers(Ash leaves Sheila at the end of Army of Darkness, and Jack leaves Gracie), and they both like to kick total ass! (Eddie: First time you ever plugged someone? Jack: Of course not!!!!!) I hope this helps you out, and I look forward for news on the next Big Trouble movie!

Submitted by: Seth Strawder – I myself have seen BTLC at the least 26 times. I rerent it from where I work (video store) constantly. I will never get tired of seeing it. I love Jack Burton and the gorgeous Gracie Law. Hell, I love everything about the film. It is a masterpiece that HAS to have three sequels! I feel the story will never die and will always be able to entertain. From a die-hard BTLC fan, I would love to see a sequel. I’d kill to see a sequel…, well we’ll just leave it at love…. for now. John Carpenter must have the original cast some how…..if in short cameos. They made BTLC the great work it is. I’d petition for this 1,000 times if need be. Course that’s wrong…..and it don’t count anyways. So please please, Mr. Carpenter and Kurt (you’re great man) make a sequel to this awesome movie.

Submitted by: Paulo Antonio Lozano – Ever since I saw this film I fell in love. The is no other film that compares to this masterpiece. Everything was there the pieces to the puzzle were all their. Kurt Russel is a genius, the best actor in heaven and hell. Acting is all in his reflexes to this man. I would give my kidneys and balls to get to see this film. The check should be in the mail!

Submitted by: Herb Vautour – I think Kurt Russell is my favorite actor and I’d like to see him in a successfull show again… Escape from L.A. just didn’t cut it for me and Breakdown was not Really a roll I favoured him in. He deserves better and I think BTILC-2 would be an awesome start. Big Trouble In Little China Rocked and I would love to see it happen again…