Chatbot GPT reviews Big Trouble in Little China

You’ve all heard about how AI like Chatbot GPT is taking over the world, right? Well what better way to test its mettle than by asking it to review Big Trouble in Little China. I actually gave it two prompts: a negative one (reflecting how some reviewers feel about the 1986 film) and a positive one (echoing how fans of the film still see it to this day). Check it out: “Write a scathing 3 paragraph review of the movie Big Trouble in Little China“ “Big Trouble in Little China” is a film that promises action, adventure, and humor, but fails to deliver on all fronts. The plot is convoluted and difficult to follow, leaving the viewer confused and uninterested. The characters are one-dimensional and lack any real depth or development, making it hard to care about their journey. The film’s attempts at humor fall flat, relying on cheap gags and tired stereotypes that are more cringe-worthy than amusing. The action scenes are poorly choreographed and unimpressive, failing to excite or engage the viewer. The special effects are dated and unconvincing, further detracting from the overall experience. Overall, “Big Trouble in Little China” is a disappointing film that fails to live up to its promises. It lacks the excitement, humor, and depth that make a great action-adventure film, instead relying on tired cliches and unimpressive visuals. Save yourself the trouble and skip this one. Chatbot GPT “Write a exciting, praise-filled 3 paragraph review of the movie Big Trouble in Little China“ “Big Trouble in Little China” is an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. The film is a perfect blend of action, adventure, and humor, all brought together by a masterful director and talented cast. The plot is complex and engaging, drawing the viewer into a world of magic, mystery, and danger. The film’s characters are some of the most memorable in cinematic history, each bringing their unique talents and personalities to the story. Kurt Russell gives a standout performance as the swaggering truck driver Jack Burton, while the rest of the cast brings their A-game to create a fully realized world of martial arts masters, powerful sorcerers, and terrifying monsters. The action sequences are breathtaking, expertly choreographed and executed with skill and precision. The special effects are still impressive, even decades after the film’s initial release. “Big Trouble in Little China” is a true classic of the action-adventure genre, and a must-see for anyone looking for an exciting, entertaining film. Chatbot GPT

Happy 35 years of trouble!

On July 2, 1986, Big Trouble in Little China hit theatres nationwide. Jack Burton was coming to “Rescue your Summer” and he did it in style. While the film may have been 72nd in overall box office revenues (the pesky “Top Gun,” “Crocodile Dundee,” and “Karate Kid Part II” were the top 3 that year), it still lives on strong to this day. Happy 35th! Here’s a nice article celebrating the film: In other news: James Hong (Lo Pan) will finally be getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! – Thanks to BTLC fan Peter for the scoop! LeCroys Toys is issuing a new Jack Burton figure! Check it out on Instagram here:

35 Years of Trouble – Celebrate in style!

Okay, everybody relax, I’m here. Been a little quiet on the Big Trouble front, but this is the 35th anniversary year of the film, which came out in the Summer of 1986. Can you believe it? Not really selling shirts much these days, but if you are interested in celebrating 35 years with a fine wool and leather jacket that Wang Chi would be proud of, why not head over to Movie Geek Tees, which sells them in sizes S-4XL, with thin or thick sleeves.

New Forums and New Screening

Hey folks, sorry for not being able to get the phpBB forum working on this new site… I created a new one – it’s the new WordPress-friendly forums – it should allow you to register and start discussions again! In other news, there’s going to be a Big Trouble screening at the Stone Theatres near Charlotte, NC on August 5 and 8. Check it out here. Thanks to Mike for the head’s up!

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Welcome to the renovated and refurbished Wing Kong Exchange! Pretty much all of the old site should still be here, but everything has been updated for responsive design – that means you can now view properly sized on your phones, tablets, and screens! Pardon the dust while we get everything up and running.

5 Minutes of Banzai

Big Trouble’s cousin film, so to speak, is The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension! Keeping that in mind, our sequel to the podcast 5 Minutes of Trouble is 5 Minutes of Banzai! Come check it out here: Now available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. We also have a page on Facebook, as well as a discussion group.

5 Minutes of Trouble

If you like Big Trouble in Little China, you’re not going to want to miss my all-new weekly podcast – 5 Minutes of Trouble! Join me and fellow BTLC enthusiast / film-guru Brett Stillo as we take you on the Podcast Express on dark and stormy night and discuss BTLC 5 minutes at a time. We’ll be featuring special guests, including various celebrities from the podcasting community as well as people associated with the film itself! Now available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. We also have a page on Facebook, as well as a discussion group.